Villey le sec
Villey le sec people also locally named the Trabecs, wish you a happy new year.

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The Deuilles trails

by Mairie

Les Sentiers des Deuilles

Since 2009, the municipality of Villey le sec has been part of the inter-municipal association of Sentiers des Deuilles, along with 16 other municipalities in the South of Toulois.

The Sentiers des Deuilles maintain the 18 signposted circuits in all the member municipalities.

Les Sentiers des Deuilles
Les Sentiers des Deuilles

Our association brings together nearly 80 members, for whom we organize weekly hikes, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.

In addition to these regular meetings, there are night hikes (4 per year), the Nivéoles hike (early March), the Deuilles hike (early April), the Trans-Deuilles which arrives in Villey le sec at the beginning of June and the autumn hike in September at Thuilley-aux-Groseilles.

Les Sentiers des Deuilles

From Villey le sec starts the Poudrière circuit marked in a yellow rectangle. From a distance of 9 km, it descends on the Moselle, passes in front of caves and goes up through the Bois Gaillard via the Poudrière.

Les Sentiers des Deuilles

All our tours are described in the form of topo guides gathered in a brochure on sale at the association’s headquarters or at the Toul Tourist Office.

To complete this description, to find out more about the mourning of Toulois and to join the association, visit our website: Les Sentiers des Deuilles- Sentiers de randonnée dans le Toulois.