Villey le sec
Villey le sec people also locally named the Trabecs, wish you a happy new year.

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The coat of arms of Villey le sec

by Danièle URIOT

The coat of arms of Villey le sec is azure with a bend of mouth charged with a capital V between a crosier in chief and a cross of Lorraine in point, the three of gold, accompanied in chief by a stone tower and in base of a church, both Argent underlined Sable (black).

Le blason de Villey le sec
Jean-Pierre URIOT

The band loaded with three elements recalls the coat of arms of Lorraine with its three alerions, because Villey belonged to the Duchy of Lorraine.
Our village had the distinction of being on the border of the duchy with the bishopric of Toul which was in France, hence the capital V between the bishop’s cross and the cross of Lorraine. The azure background was chosen because this color appears on the coats of arms of the lords who have marked the life of our village (Hoffelize and Riaucourt). But also because the ceiling of the old church was painted blue, dotted with stars.
The stone tower symbolizes the fort which was built around the village from 1874.
The new church, rebuilt in 1955 to replace the old one destroyed by the Nazis in 1944 is also represented.
This original drawing was proposed by Jean-Pierre URIOT, in 1982, at the request of the mayor Claude Prévot who had noted that the town of Villey le Sec did not have a coat of arms. This was validated in 1984.