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Villey le sec people also locally named the Trabecs, wish you a happy new year.

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The community and the Lords of Villey le sec

by Danièle URIOT

The wild land covered with forests belongs to whoever takes it. Later, in the time of the Celts and Gauls, the tribes were formed, the territories belonged to these tribes. Villey le sec, is part of the Leuques territory with a king at its head. This one commands several tribes which each have a chief. (Perhaps in relation to the tribe which occupied the oppidum of Bois l’Evêque).

Then it is the Romans who arrive, we do not have many documents. We just know that a certain Videlus was the owner of the territory of Villey le sec. He gives it the name of "Vidéliacus", (whose meaning is domain of Videlius).

The very first traces that we have are:
Under Eudulus, (bishop of Toul) a pious woman named Pretoria who owned, among other things, the domain "Vidéliacus" around the year 600, gave it to the bishop of Toul. (Dom Calmet, history of Lorraine).
In 898, the Bishop of Toul Ludelme gave it to the Chapter of the Cathedral of Toul.
In 1260 Pierre II, abbot of Saint Epvre raised to the Abbey dignity, bought the lawyer of Villey le sec, from a knight of the castle of Gondreville. (The counts of Toul, appointed by the bishops, were what we call in Latin "avdvocati", that is to say, bailiffs or governors established by these prelates, to render justice in their name, to defend their temporal , command their troops in wartime, regulate the police and put guards at the gates of the city, later transformed into a "vouerie").
In 1261 the abbots of St Epvre will be high, medium and low lords of justice in Villey le sec.
The 14th century was terrible for Lorraine, economic crisis, famine and black plague due to the incessant passage of various armies. Villey le sec was devastated.

Between 1549 and 1587 Thomas TROTOT was appointed Mayor.
Charles III, knew how to keep Lorraine away from the wars of religion which ravaged France, without being able to be avoided the passage and the exactions of the hordes of German or Spanish mercenaries of all confessions. Under his reign, he instituted in 1598, the “banal plaids” institution constituted by the assembly of all the residents of the commune which one day a year, appointed the mayors, aldermen, rural guards and forest guards. The absence of banal pleas was taxed with a fine.
In 1603 Mansuy TROTOT was Mayor for the seigneury of St Epvre.
There were then 3 lords, Philippe Le Brun, Louis Jean de Lenoncourt, and the abbot of St Epvre for high justice.
Around 1625, in Villey le sec "when a foreigner wants to reside ... he makes himself subject under which lordship he wants and agrees on the price of the rent with the mayor of the chosen lordship".
On January 19, 1630, the Sieur Lebrun sold part of the seigneury to the Abbot of St Epvre.
During the 30 Years War around 1635, many buildings were destroyed: the church, the windmill, the wine press and a large part of the houses were set on fire.
On March 8, 1631, the division between the abbot and the monks of the seigneury of Villey le sec allotted 1/4 to the monks of the abbey.
In 1640, the abbot of St Epvre gave the seigneury of Villey to the monks of the same abbey in payment of a debt he owed them.
In 1640 The Lenoncourts and the Lebruns were "partly seigneurs" and Crabouillet was Mayor of this seigneury.
In 1642 we find a Henry ÉTIENNE, Mayor of the village. It is being rebuilt very slowly. The monks of St Epvre regained possession of Villey le sec and to mark their property, during the banal pleas of 1672, recalled all their rights over the seigneury of Villey le sec.

In 1680, these monks definitively abandoned the rights and lands they owned in Villey le sec. They sell them to François Cueüllet. This one appears as heir to a winery that his father Gruyer owned in Villey le sec, (gruerie, jurisdiction where the officers appointed to guard the woods judged damage done to forests.). François Cueüllet buys the seigneury, high middle and low land and vouerie de Villey le sec, for the sum of 25,800 francs from Lorraine, plus 700 francs in presents.
In 1703, Marie Françoise Henard widowed in first wedding of Nicolas François Cueullet, owns 1/3 of the seigneury of Villey le sec.
In 1703 Claude d’Hoffelize advisor in the sovereign court of Lorraine and Barrois is lord of Villey le sec for 1/3. In 1735, he was the sole lord.

Then in 1748, there are again 2 lords, Jacques Marc Antoine de Mahuet and Nicolas Joseph du Bois de Riaucourt who share the seigneury. In 1751, Nicolas Joseph du Bois de Riaucourt was the only lord of Villey le sec. He is the first president of the Chamber of Accounts. He appoints a temporary mayor Sébastien Jolin.
In 1758, André O’heguerty, commander for the service of the very Christian king, lord high middle and low justice of Villey le sec and Chandeheu, bought a small winery in Villey le sec for 138,000 pounds.

Seigneurie O’heguerty

In 1767 Pierre Charles Daniel O’heguerty Lord of Villey appointed a judge to manage the affairs of Villey.
1778 Louis François Xavier Vallet, buys 200,000 pounds, the high, medium and low justice, the castle, the courtyards and lower courts ...
1789: French Revolution.
- * François Chaulassel the eldest is Mayor
- * Joseph Trotot is Lieutenant of the town hall
- * Jean Daubret is the municipal prosecutor
- * Charles Bagard is Alderman.

These notable advisers and active citizens are all residents of Villey.
In 1791 Sieur Henry, bailiff at the district court of Nancy, prosecutor founded by Mr. François Louis Vallet de Villey the sec usually in his castle at said Villey le sec in the present in Trier, signs an acknowledgment of debt.
Louis Xavier Vallet de Villey who had married around 1770 Henriette Collin de Contrisson who died at the beginning of 1793, no doubt he had emigrated The sale of his property both in Villey le sec and in Nancy began in January 1794. owned in Nancy was sold on March 31, 1794 and its Château de Villey le Sec found a buyer on May 29. We do not know what became of Vallet de Villey le sec. (The Lorraine region 1978 #4)

La communauté et les Seigneurs de Villey le sec
Jean-Pierre URIOT
La communauté et les Seigneurs de Villey le sec
Jean-Pierre URIOT