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The electrification of the village

by Danièle URIOT

Public lighting with hydrocarbon gas 1910-1911

Proposal of Mr PARPAILLON:
Lighting system the lighting and extinction of the lanterns are done with the pole, the extinction of the lamp can be done by itself by dosing the gas in the tank (no tour at night for the extinction The oil, kerosene or shale lamp is simply replaced by the gas lamp and a slide-back.

On November 16, 1910, the municipal council accepted the conditions proposed by M PARPAILLON, relating to street lighting on condition that the latter provides two lamps for each nozzle, a free scale for the igniter, an empty container of one pair of liter and replace at its expense as and when worn or deteriorated lamps.

On December 26, 1910, the municipal council entrusted the lighting of public lamps to Mr. Léon CHRÉTIEN for the annual sum of 50 francs.

On August 31, 1913, the municipal council authorized the mayor to enter into contact with the chief engineer to find out the conditions that would be submitted to the municipality for the installation of electric street lighting in the municipality.

Considering the request presented by the Lorraine electricity company for the conduct of electricity in Villey the sec tending to include the municipality in part of the distribution costs decides that the precarious state of its budget does not allow it to enter the line establishment fee.

On 1st March 1914 the commune could only commit 3000 Francs out of the 7000 Francs that its participation in the establishment of the line would cost.
March 1914 declaration of war.

On May 22, 1922, the electricity company "Le Toulois" estimated the installation costs at 31,000 Francs. The municipality requests a loan to cover these costs.

June 12, 1922, requests a participation from the residents for the 31000 rancs.

On January 15, 1922, compensation for war damage offered to municipalities or bought back by them could be used for electrification or water supply. Villey buys 8500 Francs in war damage from a person in Kingdomix for the electrification of Villey.

On October 2, 1922, granted Mr MERCIER industrial in Gondreville the exclusive concession for electric public lighting in Villey le sec for 40 years. The municipality will bear the cost of installing the high-voltage line from Gondreville to Villey.

On February 18, 1924, the council accepted the concession conditions presented by the Toulouse Electric Company.

On April 25, 1925, the council considering the need to settle the problem of the electrical distribution of the village: decides a short-term loan of 12,300 Francs representing the municipality’s share of the 250,000 Francs remaining to be paid will be issued from residents after 7% net.

On February 16, 1926, the council applied for a grant for the electrification of the town.

On February 26, 1926, the council voted 450 Francs to install electric lighting in the church and an electric lamp for lighting the entrance to the village.

On August 4, 1926, installation of lamps and electric lines in the town.

As some residents of the time reported, on the day electricity was turned on in homes, everyone had a light bulb. Everyone tried to light up, at the same time causing everything to blow up.
It was in 1927.