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Origin and organization of the town


Villey le Sec Coat of Arms

The arms of Villey le Sec in heraldic depiction is: Azur, on a Bend Gules, three Charges Or, a capital V between a Crosier in the Chief and the Cross of Lorraine in the Base. Two other Charges (...)


Engraved Landmarks

Villey le Sec territory shares his west side border with Chaudeney municipality. Prior to the French Revolution in 1789, this wooded area neighbouring ours belonged to Toul’s bishop. This, as he (...)

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If we look at a map of Villey Le Sec surroundings, we note that its landscape is the result of a deforestation between Chaudeney and Gondreville woodlands, at the corner of Haye’s forest, and (...)

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