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Public transport

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Public transport

You will find a Colibri bus stop in front of the City Town Hall. Colibri is the Local Public Transport Network with 80% electric vehicles as well as one accessible for people with disability.
Colibri - réseau de transport des Terres touloises

Timetables for the different routes:

Do you need to travel outside of regular bus hours? You can use
transport on demand. For people with disability or people over 75 years of age, pick-up and drop-off can be requested and arranged at the closest route from their home by reservation only. For booking, visit
Réseau Colibri : le transport à la demande

For more information about timetables, fares or network maps, you may consult these sites:
Plan interactif des lignes - FLUO - Villey le Sec

or call 03 72 33 03 20->tel:0372330320]
Agence : Cours Poincaré 54200 Toul