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Villey le sec, peaceful village in Lorraine.

Nestled in his fort, he lives to the rhythm of a population that works outside, children who go to school by bus, and a population that practices their religion in several parishes grouped together, the many visits to the fort, the activities of the rural center and the campsite.

Our village has an atypical history.

It has gone through the ages, with Romans, monks, a lord and then the revolution helping, the small village lived quietly, laboriously with its peasants and winegrowers until 1870.

Then it was an upheaval, this 19th century saw the construction of the fort, the installation of the Moselle pipeline, the railway, electricity at the gates of the village in 1927, the water supply in the years 50, then the house and church reconstructions, after the 39-45 war.

While going through successive wars, it was necessary to adapt to these changes in daily life and above all to move forward.

Jean-Pierre URIOT having, for years, taken notes and copied the deliberations of the council, notarial acts in the departmental archives, I began to reconstruct the history of our village, its main events with its documents, recent deliberations from the municipal council, documents from the town hall, my collection of old postcards and my photos and drawings by Jean-Pierre.

Danièle URIOT

Danièle et Jean-Pierre URIOT (mai 2009)
Danièle URIOT

Danièle and Jean-Pierre URIOT dressed as Lorrain’s outfit, May 2009