Villey le sec
Villey le sec people also locally named the Trabecs, wish you a happy new year.

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Origin and organization of the village


The coat of arms of Villey le sec

The coat of arms of Villey le sec is azure with a bend of mouth charged with a capital V between a crosier in chief and a cross of Lorraine in point, the three of gold, accompanied in chief by a (...)


A terrible day in 1944

Germany’s surrender on May 7, 1945 at 2:41 a.m. marked the Allies’ victory over Nazi Germany and the end of World War II, with fighting to cease on May 8 at 11 p.m. On September 10, 1944, Villey (...)

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Commemoration of November 11

The 1918 armistice, signed on November 11, 1918 at 5.15 a.m., marks the end of the fighting of the First World War (1914-1918), the victory of the Allies and the total defeat of Germany, but it (...)

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Declaration of war

What happens, in the village, during this terrible period of the war of 14-18? The calm of the village is soon disturbed by the word "war" which is on everyone’s lips, and the animation of the (...)

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The electrification of the village

Public lighting with hydrocarbon gas 1910-1911 Proposal of Mr PARPAILLON: Lighting system the lighting and extinction of the lanterns are done with the pole, the extinction of the lamp can be (...)

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Drinking water in the village

In 1894, Villey-le-sec, which is at the end of a limestone plateau, has no sources and is 120 meters above the level of the Moselle (hence its qualifier le sec). Still, there is at least one (...)

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The railroad

In 1832, a commission for the design of the rail network to be developed was set up by Thiers. On July 7, 1833, the deputies from the East obtained from the commission the addition of a (...)

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Transformation of the Moselle valley

After the war of 1870, began a period of major works. It was the 3th republic. This era brought about many changes... As a consequence of the war of 1870, the Séré defensive system of rivers (...)

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In the village we have a fort

Many visitors flock throughout the year to see this imposing construction, take a short walk on the little train which runs on a 60 gauge track and to see the "Highland" cows grazing in the (...)

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Bollards engraved in Villey’s wood

The territory of Villey le sec has a common border with Chaudeney, on its west side. Before the revolution, this neighboring forest belonged to the Bishop of Toul, because he was Lord of (...)

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The community and the Lords of Villey le sec

The wild land covered with forests belongs to whoever takes it. Later, in the time of the Celts and Gauls, the tribes were formed, the territories belonged to these tribes. Villey le sec, is part (...)

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If we examine a map of the surroundings of Villey, we see that its territory is the result of deforestation that advances at the corner of the Haye forest between the Chaudeney and Gondreville (...)

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